Скандал: Гарик Харламов возмущен результатами премии ТЭФИ
The showman is ready to read the novel “War and peace” to get the prestigious award.

Скандал: Гарик Харламов возмущен результатами премии ТЭФИ

Garik Kharlamov and Will Paul

Photo: Instagram

Garik Kharlamov outraged by the results of the previous ceremony TEFI. Showman was “for
power” is insulting, namely, for the “Comedy club”, which for all time of existence
the prestigious award has never received a bronze statuette of Orpheus.

According to
Kharlamov is in the position in which depicted Orpheus, he left the room, where
was held the awarding ceremony.And later emotionally commented on the results.

“I sincerely congratulate all the winners: Ivan Urgant and
Ivan Okhlobystin, Aleksandr Tsekalo and others, — said Kharlamov. —
Extremely happy for the TV series “Interns” and “Treason”. Congratulations
all producers and Directors. But! I don’t understand why the transfer of “Comedy
Club” never… never! Not noted this television award. To
“Comedy” can be treated differently. Someone likes, someone not. But not
to note the fact of its existence is simply impossible. The Transfer Of “Comedy
Club for more years than all the gear that took taffy 2016. Do
“Comedy” doesn’t deserve attention, “jury members”? At the moment
the peak popularity of “Comedy” years ago, taffy received the transfer
“6 shots”. OK. I am happy for them. Many years later, “Comedy”
exists and shows stable ratings, but the Lord of Academicians (members of jury)
stubbornly continue to ignore its existence. Apparently to get taffy
2017 we should read their esters “War and peace” or become
sports channel. All once again with a victory.”

In this position Kharlamov left the room

Photo: Instagram

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