Scandal: father-in-law Pippa Middleton arrested. What he is accused?

Скандал: свекр Пиппы Миддлтон арестован. В чем его обвиняют?
David Matthews will appear before the court.

David Matthews, the Duchess of Cambridge and Pippa Middleton


In Paris were arrested
police detained the father of the husband 34-year-old Pippa Middleton, sister of Duchess
Catherine. 48 hours later he was formally charged with
statutory rape, after which he was released on bail. Accurate
the Deposit is not reported, however, given the huge state of Matthews,
which is estimated at £ 40 million, it’s obvious that she’s had enough
big. The court must be held not later than 6 months.

As it became known,
a crime in which he accused David was already a very long time — 20 years
ago. Neither the exact age nor the name of the victim, the police has not been disclosed. Known
only that Matthews accused that he committed illegal acts
twice, in 1998-m and 1999-m years. The first time it supposedly happened on the island of St. Barts and the second in Paris. Matthews himself categorically denies all charges.

David Matthews — the figure is quite
known in the world of the rich and famous. On created a luxury resort in St. Barts had time to visit and Leonardo DiCaprio,
and Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks, and Rihanna… Not to mention the fact that this
Caribbean island — a favorite place of young members of the British Royal
family. Especially often it has been visited by sister Pippa — the Duchess of Cambridge with
husband Prince William.

Last spring, David Matthews
successfully married off his eldest son James, Pippa Middleton and the wedding
attended William and Katherine. In addition to James, the wife of David — Jane bore him two more sons. Junior
— Spencer Matthews — had become famous,
as a member of several reality shows on American television. And the middle son, Michael, was fond of mountain climbing,
died in 1999 when climbing Everest. In his memory, the family of Matthews
established a charity Foundation to help the education of talented
young people from poor families.