SCANDAL: Evgeni Plushenko accused of greed

СКАНДАЛ: Евгения Плющенко обвинили в жадности
Became known the amount of new skater fees.

Evgeni Plushenko’s son


Recently, Evgeni Plushenko shared a wonderful
news: he opened the Academy “Angels Plushenko”. However, it became known that prices for training can afford to go out on the ice will be only the “angels” whose parents — the financial gods.

The cost of training will be from 60 000 to 150 000
rubles per month, but this is assuming that the child will be tested by cost
10 000 rubles.

Classes will be conducted by the experienced trainers of the Academy, but if you ask
the Plushenko to arrange a master class, you will have to pay 60 000
for …one hour!

However, there is a gentle offer from the Academy. If
a child Prodigy and shows good result in figure skating,
Plushenko will hold a lesson for him absolutely free. But it will happen in that
if the Olympic champion personally see the potential of the future

We will remind, in February Evgeny Plushenko told about the opening of the Academy. Skater a few
years nurtured the idea of this project. “Dear
friends, today I finally can share with You a very joyous event in
my life! I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time, just after 2 months will open my
The Academy Of Figure Skating! — wrote Plushenko. — It is located in the center of Moscow, with the best
coaches and choreographers and, most importantly, it of course I will not only
to coach and be a mentor to professional athletes! I
continue to ride for you, but I’m interested to engage with those who love
figure skating, because the ice is my life, most of my life I spent
on the ice and not going to break tradition, the doors of my Academy are open to children
from all over the world! We will do the impossible
— possible, I am sure we will succeed!”

By the way, his son Sasha, also will train this
Academy. Plushenko builds on the career of the boy in figure skating big plans.
He personally spends for his daily workouts and not so long ago gave him
new skates, the exact copy of his.