СКАНДАЛ: Эрнста умоляют избавиться от Максима Галкина в эфире
Stanislav Sadalsky has criticized the new show.

Maxim Galkin and ISA Bagirov

Photo: the frame of the program “Stars under hypnosis”

Stanislav Sadalsky has chosen a new “victim” for discussion in the Network. Recently, the artist has revealed in his microblog the truth about gambling addiction Alla Pugacheva, and eve turned their attention on her husband Maxim Galkin. Yesterday on the First channel premiered the show “Stars under hypnosis” with the husband of the prima Donna as the lead. Sadalsky spoke about a new program rather abruptly.

“Who is the ideologist of this primitive? Stupider and sadder show hard to think! And sorry for the artists who are in any way trying to Shine. However foolishly it turns out, the worst — Maxim G. Kostya, well, Constantine L., you, in my opinion, the only one left who goes under hypnosis Maxim G. Well, maybe you’ve had enough of him, so very much!”— the statement says Stanislaus.

Subscribers Sadalsky was in agreement with him. In the Network appeared dozens of comments asking to dismiss the Maxim with the First channel, or at least to reduce the amount of gear. What do you think about the controversial release of the program? Like a star sweepstakes unconscious or believe everything that happens on the set of “setup”?