Scandal! Dzhigan was again accused of plagiarism

Скандал! Джигана вновь уличили в плагиате
New track rapper “Catch me” was seen by some fans surprisingly similar to the hit of the autumn “Pink wine” LJ.


Photo: Instagram

Three days dzhigan managed to find itself in three different
professions. First he tried himself in the role of actor, taking part in the filming
new series for TNT. The next day, forgetting about work, the rapper was just
a loving husband and a caring dad with three daughters and beloved wife
flown to the Maldives where a swim with dolphins. And a day later he released a new track “Catch

However, after the song was released on the Internet, dzhigan caused discontent
users of the world wide web. Fans of rap music found in the new song Dzhigan similar to hit
autumn “Pink wine” LJ. “First, “the ice is Melting”, now “Rose wine”,
next? Indeed, why invent something of their own? Just a disgrace!” — they were indignant,
after listening to “Catch me” in the Network.

However, many a new track to his liking, and
now the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the video for this song. “My
the battery is charged at 100%!!! I sleep max 4 hours a day. I want
to live life to the fullest and do everything. So “Catch me!” — smiles djigan.