Скандал в аэропорту: Глафире Тархановой отказали в регистрации на рейс
The actress received an unpleasant gift on March 8.

Glafira Tarkhanov

Photo: @glafiratarhanova Instagram Glafira Tarhanova

Glafira Tarhanova the day before we were supposed to fly from Ulyanovsk, where she was on tour in Moscow. But do it failed. Looking ahead, it is necessary to note that the actress was not satisfied with the brawl at the airport. Moreover, Glafira guilt that she did not get on the desired flight was not. The airline was a mix-up with tickets, which Tarkhanov and the producer of the play “Wheel of fortune” did not register. With the result that they were denied boarding the flight.

“One was allowed on the plane — that’s us! March 8 — a holiday! Yay! Happy holiday to all! The confusion in the tickets Ulyanovsk… not letting go… But don’t worry for the show in Krasnogorsk soon, I hope, to return. The rest flew away, they managed to cram. When you submit your passport first, there is likely to be a bunch of passports at the bottom, the system is hung… Surprise!” said Glafira.

Interestingly, Tarkhanov last summer were in a similar situation. Only then the actress, everything else was in a “position”. This incident happened with a pregnant Aid at the end of a holiday in Greece. The actress was not allowed to Board the plane to Moscow. The exact reason why this happens, the star did not elaborate, but many airlines do not risk to take flight in women for a longer period of pregnancy. Most likely, in this situation the actress. The birth of the actress, by the way, took place two months after the scandal at the airport. Quadruple Tarkhanov gave birth to a son, who was named Nicephorus.