Scandal! Anastasia Zavorotnyuk jail

Скандал! Анастасии  Заворотнюк грозит тюрьма
The actress is waiting for a public trial: she will be responsible for multi-million dollar debt.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Chernyshev

It seems to
Anastasia Zavorotnyuk begins a protracted nightmare associated with Bank debt. Scandals between the Bank and the star that does not want to pay the loan last several
years, and now has reached a new level. Now the actress is waiting for the court, and not the ordinary and
public. March 30, reporters will be able to know immediately what I will say in my defense
lawyers of the actress.

However, several payments for three years Zavorotnyuk still
made, but it was not enough. Today, according to conservative
estimates, given the current exchange rate of the dollar, it needs 27 million rubles.

We will remind, in 2009 Zavorotnyuk built ice rink
Crimea: on this step it went for your wife — figure skater Peter Chernyshev.
The venture proved unprofitable, and soon the debts were significantly more revenue.

Three years later, the star took out a loan in the amount of 537 thousand
of dollars to purchase a house for his family. To pay off
the debt in time could not: in 2014, the Bank filed for her in court.

“She, when they took
the credit mortgaged to the Bank of his property — an apartment, car, land
plot. In sum, it amounted to 15 percent more than the amount borrowed.
The Bank could take the property in its debt. But the actress agreed
that will to pay a debt gradually by installments”, — told the court