Scandal! Anastasia Volochkova robbed its driver

Скандал! Анастасию Волочкову ограбил ее водитель
In addition, the driver of the stars, according to her, slipped in her tea unknown drugs.


Photo: personal archive

Infamous ballerina admitted that her life has come a black
strip. Anastasia Volochkova said that he had been a victim of it’s own
driver. Moreover, the star said that her life is the fault of the same man —
for a long time is in danger. The driver of a ballerina not only constantly
violated traffic rules, but also appropriated her money. In addition, it was found that
the driver regularly put Volochkova in tea unknown drugs, after which she
felt severe discomfort.

Former star of the Bolshoi theatre has hired 41-year-old Alexander Skirtach of
Rostov after wealthy admirer gave her a string of “Maybach”
cost of 15 million rubles. A new employee from the first glance aroused
Anastasia human sympathy, they immediately drew up a contract, and he became her
unofficial confidant.

Wrong Volochkova began to notice pretty soon. At first (before the New
year) Alexander is not delivered to the correct addresses gifts that Anastasia was preparing
friends, and then he begged her impressive sum of more 200 thousand roubles.
Allegedly the money was needed for the funeral of his mother, who, as it turned out, live
and healthy. This amount, which was originally intended to pay salaries
team Volochkova, no one else saw.

In addition, the star dancer was often trusted the driver to get the fees for it
presentations and take them to the Bank. The money Alexander was also appropriated. “I came yesterday the driver, which allegedly
as said Sasha, he served in Chechnya. And it turns out that nowhere Alexander is not
served! This man I trusted to get money for my performances and take
them to the Bank. It turned out that Sasha had taken them for himself. He stole from me
money, millions!”—
Anastasia said that in the near future intends to go to the police
a statement about the theft.