Скандал: Киркоров остался без звука во время выступления на «Новой волне»
The singer got into a difficult position during the opening ceremony of the music festival.

Philip and Pauline Gagarin

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Philip was a hostage to an unpleasant situation. During his speech at the opening ceremony of the festival “New wave”, the singer remained on stage without sound. It should be noted that the actor, who has vast experience on the big stage, of course, kept his head and sang his composition “a Cappella” to the end. Despite the confusion, the audience is left from the speech in the wild delight, and accompanied Kirkorov with thunderous applause.

“So worried that the technique does not stand my excitement!” — admitted when Philip sang his song. Incidentally, after a couple of rooms, the singer again took the stage, with a different room, and this time the technique didn’t let him down.

We will remind that some time ago the opening ceremony of the “New Wave in 2016.” Artists, among whom was Pauline Gagarin, Sergey Lazarev, Alexey Vorobyov and many others arrived in Sochi early in the morning. Among the guests there was also a singer Jasmine, who became a mother four months ago, showed incredible postroynevshaya figure.

“Myron is growing, it is already four months. I quickly came to the form,
taking up sports, ” he shared with 7days.ru star. — Believe me
there’s more to aspire to. From my point of view, I need to get
even six extra pounds”.