SCANDAL: a 12-year-old daughter Volochkova has changed its name

СКАНДАЛ: 12-летняя дочь Волочковой поменяла свое имя
Ariadna asked me to call myself Asay.

Anastasia Volochkova with her daughter Ariadna

Photo: @volochkova_art/Instagram

Fans of Anastasia Volochkova well remember the story about why her daughter is named Ariadne. Dancer named the girl in honor of the Holy Martyr Ariadne, whose icon was seen in one of the
the Greek temples. But the baby grew up and
told her mother that the name she did not like it. When it is called Arish, it causes only negative emotions, she said. The daughter of a ballerina she chose a new name, and now
it seems to be Asay.

We will remind, recently subscribers 41-year-old ballerina was
shocked no brand split and not a Nude photoshoot. The fact that
comments to one of the photos Anastasia hinted fans
that soon plans to become a mother for the second time. Her intention in
the near future again to have a baby is it seems quite serious.
Responsible Volochkova said that he wants to become a mother.

The other day a former Bolshoi Theatre prima ballerina published a photo with
six children of his girlfriend, where in the signature and made a Frank statement. “I
and 6 children of my friend Eugene! The only girl — my goddaughter Eva-Maria. But
hands on Zhenya gave me Elisha, because I want to give birth to a son.” — wrote

Statement Anastasia had a great resonance in social
networks. Many members supported the ballerina in her intention, and some of them
very categorically spoke about the desire Volochkova. Besides, fans
wonder who will be the kid’s dad? Anastasia admits that enjoys
attention from the opposite sex: it literally free expensive gifts and
armfuls of flowers. However, while she is none of the suitors are not presented as
the official chosen one.