SCANDAL! 59-year-old businessman arrested for a daring robbery of Vladimir Etush

СКАНДАЛ! 59-летний бизнесмен задержан за дерзкое ограбление Владимира Этуша
The investigative Committee of Russia opened a fraud case.

Vladimir Etush

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Calling the story began four years ago when Vladimir Etush confided in his friend, ex-Chairman of the national Bank of Abkhazia Daur of Burgundia. He worked for many years in the banking industry and not just given the actor advice on its finances. In December 2013, the year Richter gave Bargandzia a large sum of money 530 thousand dollars and tsyach 235 Euro (in terms of rubles and 28 million rubles), so that put them in a Swiss Bank at favorable interest rates. The businessman made a contribution in his name, and Etush has signed a loan agreement in which he pledged to return the entire amount with interest immediately upon demand of the actor.

Need the money to Mr Abramovich last year. He appealed to Bargandzia, but the under various pretexts refused to give the loan. At first chalked it up to the financial crisis, then began to invent other stories. This lasted until June 2017. And when Richter learned that “friend” began to rewrite his property to relatives, went to the police. The investigator opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation — swindle in especially large size.

Today Etush’s lawyer Mikhail Ioffe said that Daur of Bargandzia arrested as a suspect. At the moment he is in a detention facility on Petrovka, 38. The measure has not yet been elected, but in the near future the investigator will decide on the fate of the detainee for such a high-profile case.

The fate of the stolen money is also not yet known. How they will get back 95-year-old Vladimir Etush, the court will decide. The actor himself and his family members had no comment on the situation until the case is closed.