Scammers try to cash in on fans of Oleg Yakovlev

Мошенники пытаются нажиться на фанатах Олега Яковлева Alexander Kutsevol warned fans of the artist. According to the girl, the Network began to appear the accounts which owners advertise the fundraising for the monument Yakovlev. Sasha urged admirers of the singer do not believe such posts.

Civil wife died this summer of ex-participant of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev Alexander Kutsevol posted on personal social network in which she said that a certain group of people trying to raise money to install a monument to the musician. Previously, Sasha stated that she is concerned with the question of the monument, which will be installed at the tomb of the artist, located at the cemetery Troekurov.

“Beware! Network swindlers. They collect money for the monument to Oleg Yakovlev! Do not believe! All official information about the artist and his memory is placed exclusively on the official pages! All that in addition to speculators!”- Sasha wrote.

Kutsevol also explained that by law the installation of any monument without the consent of the relatives and friends of Oleg on the site of his grave is strictly prohibited. Fans surprised how evil people prey on those who are important to the work of Yakovlev.

Earlier, Sasha told me that Igor Matvienko and members of the group “Ivanushki International” helped with funds for a funeral and cremation Yakovlev. About a month friends Yakovlev could not find the cemetery, where rested his remains.

Kutsevol suffered heavy death of a loved one. She promised fans Yakovlev will try to keep the memory of it. Personal page in microblogs, which was used by Oleg, was a fan club, where fans remember the artist, and Alexandra shares rare images.

“I am grateful for loved ones that are still alive. I have nothing to fear. After I learned what death is, I’m more afraid of nothing. Now I’m going to be Frank and sometimes cynical. I have nothing to lose. When I say that everything will be fine, I corrected them: “Not good, but normal,” shared deb Yakovlev with “StarHit”. The wife of Oleg Yakovlev: “I Think if he goes, I first day you die”