Scammers Polina Gagarina forced to hide the pregnancy

Мошенники вынудили Полину Гагарину скрывать беременность
The singer explained why she announced “interesting position” only after birth.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: @gagara1987 (Instagram Polina Gagarina)

Polina Gagarina finally explained why hide from the public the fact of his second pregnancy. It turned out that among other things, she pursued a noble goal: trying to protect people from fraud. As it turned out, many years ago, when Pauline was born fraudsters illegally used pictures of her in “fat” form for advertising dubious means of losing weight. This time she tried to avoid such a situation, and therefore hid his “interesting position” with the help of outfits a boxy cut.

“During last pregnancy my photos in which I look fuller, used as advertising tools for weight loss all sorts of unscrupulous companies, in fact, not having anything to do with me. They lied to not only me, but people who believed this “advertising” miracle cures, supposedly showing me before and after their application. Considering all these factors, I decided that to be silent is much quieter than “grow” in front of everyone!” — admitted Gagarin.

This time the singer has also gained quite a lot of extra pounds during pregnancy, but hopes quickly to deal with them. According to the singer, she has sat on a strict diet and is preparing to return from maternity leave.

“During the pregnancy I gained a lot! How much? I don’t know as have not weighed since January! Why? I was afraid of. Was afraid that I would see the same figure as in my first pregnancy, and it was significant!, — said Gagarin. — Therefore, a photo with flat belly and perfect shape a week after giving birth can not boast… But I can say that sitting on a strict diet and start doing exercises slowly and the effect is even) So that the concerts in the offing, but rather next week! Return slowly to the “great sport”…” the Return of Pauline on stage is a welcome event for her fans, because the artist stopped the performance a few months ago.

We will remind that on April 26 Gagarina with her husband, Dmitry Isakov became parents. In their house there was a girl named MIA.