Мошенники отравили и обокрали Криса Кельми The musician has lost 100 thousand rubles. In addition, lost flash drives, which store records of Chris kelmi. Star 90 is not planning to apply to law enforcement agencies because they do not believe that he will be able to win a court case.
Мошенники отравили и обокрали Криса Кельми

Last week the star of the 90 enrolled in one of the capital’s hospitals in critical condition. A man complained of sharp abdominal pain and dizziness. It has appeared, 62-year-old singer became a victim of criminals who put him on powerful drugs.

“I decided to make repairs in the apartment – says “StarHit” kelmi. – Appealed to the construction company. The appointed day came home brigade. They allegedly wanted to see what have to work. Like a good host during the interview invited them to eat. Set the table, called for a treat. Perhaps then guys and put in a bowl of some stuff, because after the meal I was abruptly became bad, beginning to get sleepy. In the end, I day spent at home unconscious.

Only after found out that money was gone. Kidnapped about one hundred thousand rubles. Plus disappeared on the dresser and working drives, which store songs. It’s a shame that so have been unkind to me people.”

Despite the damage, contact the police, the singer is not going to.

“Yes, I know who I hurt – continues Chris. But complaining is pointless! Even if you take this to court, in the courtroom, the accused say, “I didn’t take anything, I have witnesses, and the owner was drunk!” And they believe him. I think let God be the judge!

The main thing for me is to physically recover. I only recently began to walk confidently. Damage to the blood vessels in the legs stopped hurting. Waiting for me 17 cats, which I gave to a friend for safekeeping in a restaurant. They are wild, not listening at home, so I had with them at the time to say goodbye until he couldn’t move. But I know that the Pets are properly cared for and will soon take them.”