Мошенники нажились на имени Киркорова, собрав 400 тысяч рублей The organizer of the concert with the stars took the parents money and disappeared. Nizhny Novgorod families in which older children, made contributions to participate in the contest. However, the event did not take place, and the organizer just stopped communicating.

In mid-December in Nizhny Novgorod had to pass one of the stages of all-Russian children’s competition Chairman of the jury which announced Bedros Kirkorov. In various singing groups of the city, as well as talented young artists were sent invitations to take part in the event, however, first had to pay the fee – 2000 rubles per person. For teams and groups was more money. In total, they collected about 400 thousand rubles. Organizer was a Moscow producer Andrei Kalinkin, which kind of already conducted similar events in Nizhny Novgorod.

However, for a couple of days before the event the host has stopped communicating, and the competition did not take place.

“My son was supposed to sing at the gala concert of three songs prepared, he even frequently acted in various programs on TV, – said the “StarHit” Tatiana, the mother of Anton Panzina. – I and friends invited. It’s a shame, of course. Children tried, rehearsed. There was no program, concert, anything. The site was written that there would be “Buranovskie grandmother”, Dmitry Nesterov, Bedros Kirkorov… we at the Bottom in fact this has not happened. Came to us a certain Andrew Kalinkin, handing out handbills. Because before that he actually held such an event with the participation of Bedros, everybody believed him”.

After all the parents of the children and leaders of the groups announced that the event will not take place, those made a collective claim to the name Kalinkina. But he hid and did not return phone calls.

“We wrote him in “Vkontakte”, but it’s there all banned. And the reason for the cancellation of the contest he called… the disease of Bedros”.

“StarHit” contacted Bedros Kirkorov, who confirmed that the proposal to participate as a jury member he received, but he refused – a few months ago.

“I really am in the hospital for examination, to participate in this project could not physically, than put the organizers know in advance – several months ago, commented on the “StarHit” Kirkorov-the senior. – The organizers – the scammers hope that they will be punished, and parents of talented children will return the money.”

Employees of the culture house, where was held the competition, and also organizers with the Nizhny Novgorod side to say that they themselves were victims of deception. They say that they received a letter from the local Department of culture – with a request to support this event and to provide a platform.