Scammers are cashing in on the name Andrey Malakhov

Мошенники наживаются на имени Андрея Малахова The attackers announced the collection of money. Unknown persons have created a page that acted on behalf of Andrei Malakhov. Children’s home, which was supposed to transfer funds, knew nothing about any of the action.

TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov enjoys great respect from the audience. That’s what I decided to use the crooks – not so long ago Instagram account appeared, which used his photographs. Not so long ago on the page there was an announcement that everyone can transfer money to transfer them to the orphanage.

Unknown people published in the social network Bank cards. As it turned out, the account does not belong to this institution and the leaders assured that he is not aware of such actions.

The fake account was registered under the name Angrei Malachov, however, in the description of the profile was the name and the name of a famous TV presenter. It is unknown if there was the people who responded to this appeal. However, now the unknown page is locked or deleted.

We will remind that Andrey Malakhov signed up on Instagram in July of last year. He published a selfie and encouraged fans to subscribe to his page. Earlier in his life that people could follow on Twitter and was looking forward to when the presenter appears in one of the most popular social networks.

Star friends gladly encouraged his followers to follow the life of Andrei Malakhov. Some celebrities shared with him the secrets of how to make a page most attractive to fans. In a short time an account of the chief editor of “StarHit” has gained immense popularity.

“Good morning, social network! The Council No. 2 of Anna Sedokova I wiped the camera before you take pictures! Although she recommends not posting night shots (tip # 3 – more color) here in the picture – the whole emphasis on Butera with caviar, which I took from the hands of a nutritionist Irina Pochitaeva and Fougeres with Petrus 1985…” – said one of the first publications Malakhov.

Despite the fact that Andrey Malakhov is the official account, the Network still appear fake pages that try to cash in on his fame. As it became known to the public Mash, the attackers were assured that all funds will be transferred directly to the orphanage.