SBU has banned the musician Vadim Samoilov entry to the territory of Ukraine

СБУ запретила музыканту Вадиму Самойлову въезд на территорию Украины

The next five years, the Russian rock musician Vadim Samoylov, former front-man of the Russian group “Agatha Christie” will not be able to visit nearby the state security Service of Ukraine forbade him to enter the territory of the country.

The reason for the ban is to “ensure national security”. With that language in Ukraine can not visit dozens of Russian artists and even those who have Ukrainian roots.

According to the SBU, the rocker several times visited the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s Republic “to support the rebels”, and in 2015 Samoilov even received the order of merit from the hands of the head LNR Igor Carpentry.
It is remarkable that the brother of Vadim and Gleb, security service of Ukraine such a ban is not allowed. Since the collapse of the group of quarreling brothers perform separately and from time to time enter into litigation.