SBU forbade Stas Sadalsky entry to the territory of Ukraine

СБУ не запрещали Стасу Садальскому въезд на территорию Украины

A talk it was! As it became known, the security Service of Ukraine forbade Russian artist with Ukrainian roots Stas Sadalsky to visit his native land.

As reported in the press service of the SBU, now Stas Sadalsky entry into the country is not prohibited. Actually, the showman also knows this, and as reported on his page in the social network.
“I just came to the Turetchine, immediately called the security service of Ukraine with the good news – the ban on entry is gone, but your safety cannot be guaranteed. In General, whether weasel, vitayemo you. And would you go?” – said the actor in a microblog.
It is unknown, to decide whether Stas after such a fuss to go to Odessa on scheduled concerts, or really “go in a civilized country,” he said on the eve of.
Recall that on 4 February Sadalsky said that the Ukrainian security Service banned him from entering the country because of his performances in the Crimea (in Sevastopol officers house) and anti-Ukrainian statements in social networks. Strange is the selectivity of the Ukrainian security services, and if the foregoing facts took place, why one of the Russian actors it is possible, and other such became persona non grata.