Saxophonist Kenny g made a surprise to the passengers of an airliner

Саксофонист Кенни Джи сделал сюрприз пассажирам авиалайнера

World-renowned saxophonist Kenny g has delighted the passengers of flight Delta Airline bound for Los Angeles from Tamba Bay. As reported by Western media, citing eyewitnesses near the musician next to Kenny was the woman who lost her daughter due to brain cancer. She told him that the flight attendants want to raise $ 1,000 to Fund their company RelayForLife that help people with cancer.

The musician stood up and said that will give a small concert, if the donations of passengers will exceed one thousand dollars.
In the next five minutes the flight attendants managed to raise $ 2,000, and Kenny, as promised, played them a few tunes.

In the video, which was filmed, perhaps, all passengers of an airliner, it is clear that the musician with the flute walks down the aisle of the plane and plays for travelers some of their hits.
“Thanks to the impromptu concert @kennyg, we were able to raise funds for @RelayForLife” — said on the official page of the company.
“Glad to help!” — I told them Kenny is a good soul.