Савва Морозов: жена

The wife of Savva Morozov Zinaida Grigorievna was born in the Russian Empire in 1867. The family was of average wealth, the girl’s father was listed as a merchant of the II Guild. On the early Zinaida little information, it tried to teach the basics that should know the girl of the time. At 17 Zena was given to the crown for Sergei Morozov Vikulovich. I wonder what the wedding day Zinaida met her second husband Sabas, who is Sergey Vikulovich had the nephew. New husband preferred to spend more time with friends than his wife, and their marriage then the problems started.

		Савва Морозов: жена

Photo: Zinaida Grigorievna Morozova

The second fateful meeting with Savva happened at the Christmas ball, where the girl went without her husband, because he preferred to go hunting. After that, the relationship Savva and Zinaida was developed very quickly and, despite the protests of the family, they were married.

		Савва Морозов: жена

Then the girl began to teach the basics of social life, and I must say, the lessons she has learned very quickly. Zinaida childhood was a spirited child, to a more Mature age her mind became more alive. She was able to make useful contacts, well-disposed budget and with different principles.

As the wife of Savva Morozov after his death

Morozov happy marriage lasted 19 years, until 1905, when fate came knocking. The couple went on vacation to a foreign resort, and a few days Savva was found in his room with a bullet through his chest.

		Савва Морозов: жена

Photo: the widow of Savva Morozov

I believe the official version of suicide, but historians still disagree. The wife of Savva Morozov Zinaida said that he saw how a man went from the room of her husband. The death of her husband, Zina suffered heavily, despite the fact that in recent years their marriage started to crack. The legacy she inherited all of the state Morozova, which the woman skilfully disposed.

		Савва Морозов: жена

In 1907, Zinaida G. was again married, this time choosing in the wife of her former boyfriend. General Reinboth was poor but had a good position at court. However lasted family life is not long, soon Reinboth was accused of embezzlement of government property.

		Савва Морозов: жена

The former Morozov’s hired the best lawyers, the case was won, but the marriage could not be the same. After the divorce Zinaida survived the revolution and the loss of almost all their property, which gave the possession to the state. She settled in the village of Il’insk, where he lived until his death (1947).

Children Of Savva Morozov

Her second husband, Zinaida gave birth to four children:

  • Timofey Savvich (shot)
  • Maria Savishna (died from mental illness)
  • Elena Savvina (emigrated to Brazil)
  • Savva Savich (was sent to the GULAG)

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