Savicheva learned the secret of a great career Buzova

Савичева узнала главный секрет головокружительной карьеры Бузовой
The singer made a comment about the work of Kim and.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Julia Savicheva for a year interrupted his singing career, however, all this time watched what was happening in the world of Russian show business. During the period that the singer “disappeared” in Portugal, Olga Buzova stormed the main charts of the country. The star of “House-2” in such a short time has achieved incredible success, on which many stars have worked my whole life.

Many are wondering, what is the secret of Buzova? Savicheva said recently that he knows why Olga is so popular. The graduate of “factory of stars” at first was skeptical about the creativity of a movie star, but then I saw her perform “live” and changed my point of view.

“When I saw about a year ago that she started to sing, I honestly tell you, I was very skeptic. I tried to listen to the notes, pitch, vocal. Not hearing any breakthrough, I smiled and forgot about what he heard. Until I saw her live. She really believes in what he’s doing, besides, they say she’s a terrible workaholic, as if someone did not belong to her personally, her music and vocal talent — praised Olga Savicheva. — I always say: be who you are, don’t pretend to love their job and work hard. Viewers and listeners particularly feel fake, it can’t be purchased. Olya – very bright example of sincerity, confirming my words. I can only wish her not to stop but to continue on to delight the audience!”

By the way, before it became known that the promotion of Olga will soon undertake Grigory Leps. Now Buzova negotiates with the producer. It is reported that working together the two stars are not on a permanent basis. Leps will only help her with the organization of several concerts, as is the case with Ani Lorak and Timothy.