Saved hundreds of lives oncologist he struggles with cancer

Спасший сотни жизней онколог сам борется с раком Andrey Pavlenko has told how trying to prolong his life. The specialist has come to pass “Andrey Malakhov. Live” and talked about a difficult struggle with the disease. It is supported by colleagues, three children, wife and other relatives.
Спасший сотни жизней онколог сам борется с раком

Andrey Pavlenko – a specialist who spent about 2500 operations. He is one of the best oncologists in the country, but in November 2017, it began to suffer some pain in the stomach. After gastroscopy managed to find some novoobrazovaniya. It turned out that Andrew stomach cancer third degree. After learning about the diagnosis, he immediately realized that he would fight. He also began filming a vlog to show others that cancer is not a death sentence. According to the latest information, the primary tumor decreased by 50%, regressing tumors in the lymph nodes.

“Hidden course of the disease did not allow me to suspect that it exists. And the age of 39. These two factors allowed me to conduct screening examinations,” said Andrew.

First, he believed that health problems are caused exclusively by its power supply problems and a nervous way of life. Earlier he was telling some patients that they will die soon. Specialist leads the vlog below to hear all the people.”This is the story of how one must reagirovat very heavy dignos that threatens you,” said Andrew.

Спасший сотни жизней онколог сам борется с раком

Andrew grow three children and has a spouse with whom they were happily married for 16 years. The woman seriously received the news of the disease. 14-year-old daughter cried in the pillow. She helped her mother shave her head when Andrew started losing his hair. “I began writing notes and thoughts. We communicate more by talking,” – said Pavlenko.

Спасший сотни жизней онколог сам борется с раком

Andrew wants to use every minute to spend time with loved ones. The man completely changed his diet. After the second course of therapy, he began to feel better. His wife Anna is now preparing all steamed. “Didn’t want to believe that it happened with my beloved man”, – hardly constraining tears, says the spouse.

Pavlenko believes that cancer is a test which they must pass together. Anna admits: “I’m afraid to lose him”. She wants to go with his family to Georgia where she grew up.

“He’s a strong man, stronger than we are close. Now we are infected with his positive attitude, desire to live,” said Anya in the Studio program.
Спасший сотни жизней онколог сам борется с раком

Andrew also supported his colleagues and students. They even staged a flash mob and shaved her head. Recently, Pavlenko noted the 40th anniversary. Usually people have missed to mark this anniversary, however, he decided to break the rules.

Mom Pavlenko was not on the air, as it is very difficult. She is in constant contact with Anna, who tells her about the state of Andrew. Children who were born in the Studio, noted that they had only one dream: to have their dad quickly recovered.

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