Save on Renata Litvinova Zemfira

Рената Литвинова экономит на Земфире The Director invited a friend to write the music for the play “Northern wind”, which she will present at the end of June. However, the amount promised by Zemfira, according to the artists, too small, considering the amount of work.
Рената Литвинова экономит на Земфире

At the end of June on the stage of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov, the Director will present the public performance of “North wind”. To the creation of the play Renata came thoroughly, even the role was written specifically for friends-actors – Sofia and Yana Zaika Sexta. And the musical accompaniment is entrusted to a close friend – singer Zemfira. However, for compositions that should get a total of 160 thousand rubles. According to artists, similar price, given the amount of work is simply unacceptable.

“This is ridiculous! – says “StarHit” composer Vladimir Martynov wrote music for many theatrical productions. The Directors who employ the services of music authors, you can specify this amount as a minimum. And it is unlikely that someone will agree to work. Why? This is the same Zemfira. She also creates original music and text, is a waste of time. And the works should be rewarded the relevant fees! Admit that they have been friends for years and agreed on a price. But from her want to cry.

Of course, not Soviet times, when the Minister of culture was a book that mentioned prices. Now it all depends on the status and professionalism of the Director and composer. But Renata and Zemfira, of course, creative geniuses of our time, whose work must be evaluated a minimum of from 500 thousand rubles”.

Music artist will accompany the entire performance, which lasts an hour and a half.

“The cost of the passage in fifteen minutes – an average of one hundred euros says “StarHit” theater Director Igor Ivanchikov. – Maximum can reach several millions roubles. Writing time depends on the author. But usually negotiable deadline of delivery of the composition. It is assumed that the musician is ready material. But most importantly, he never came out! Otherwise, Maestro will need the arrangement and treatment of their work.”