Sati Kazanova went against him for the sake of love

Сати Казанова пошла против себя ради любви The singer was doing everything to please the beloved man. Sati Casanova has decided to put the interests of choice above their own. The artist realized that deceives man, and therefore felt guilty.

      The famous singer Sati Casanova rarely opens up to outsiders the soul. She prefers not to publicly display personal life. However, some details of Sati still shares with his fans. The singer openly spoke that he preferred to establish relationships only with strong men. However, she suggested that such representatives of the stronger sex are looking for soft and flexible women. The artist recalled how one day decided to change myself in order to be close to your loved one. She dreamed of a beautiful romantic relationship, and therefore wanted to become what it wanted to see elected. However, this was not the best idea.

      “I began to play a soft, submissive woman desires her man are in the first place. So, it was three years, the fake, the false existence is detrimental to my being and nature. But on the other hand, this invaluable experience. If it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t know that you will not be able to live in such framework. And here God taught me a powerful, but painful lesson,” said Casanova.

      Ex-participant of group “Factory” for a long time could not forgive myself for such a cruel deception. She realized that she was guilty before the elect, which tried to seem like she was actually. It long did not give her peace of mind.

      “Insincerity with yourself — this is the worst crime that man can make. And then, like a snowball, growing contradictions, lies like a spider’s web entangles the relations, and they are crumbling. To be insincere, to change yourself — it is very dangerous for the person. Hence, all the nervous disorders, depression, diseases”, – said Sati.

      The singer admitted that she was hard to live in constant stress. Moreover, the man was not as they seemed Sati for two years of their relationship. However, bitter experience has given the artist a clear idea what she wants from a relationship and marriage.

      “It is not about subjection, enslavement, and partnership building. It should be so. I believe in clean, beautiful, sincere feeling, which could not be compared with anything. And it is in search of true love I tried a lot of things. Maybe not necessary, but otherwise how would I know where truth and falsehood?” – shared the artist thoughts in an interview with the publication WomanHit.