Сати Казанова поразила жарким снимком топлес The singer released the image under the project, a friend of the photographer, where she is depicted Nude in the water red. The publication Sati Casanova has caused mixed reactions from her fans.
Сати Казанова поразила жарким снимком топлес

Singer Sati Casanova took part in an unusual photo shoot. The actress had previously shared in the microblog shots on which she is depicted Nude in the water. This time Sati decided to publish a photograph of her posing with roses, his favorite red color.

In his publication, the singer decided to reflect on the element of water. According to Sati, she has incredible strength and is able to transform and change.

“It is scientifically proven that water is one of the most powerful conductors of information and vibration. According to the famous documentary film about the Japanese water researcher Masaru Emoto “the Great secret of water”, the water responds completely to any external information, recording everything on film. Water changes its structure under the influence of words, music, prayers. I always, before drinking, pronounced the prayer over the water. I know for sure that you can’t drink water if it was where cursed or scolded someone. Even water can be compared with the source and with our women’s emotional,” – says the singer.

Fans Sati Casanova came to delight from her photos, which they found striking and highly artistic. Many of the subscribers artist agreed with its reasoning. “Very nice”, “Awesome”, “You motivate me yoga”, “Water washes away all the bad things, renews our body, with water flow problems, tears… She heals,” “Very,” commented the followers of the performer.

At the same time, some social media users condemned Sati for the overly candid shot. According to them, Casanova should not have to take part in such a project. By the way, it is not the husband of celebrity Stefano Tiozzo as you would think, and the photographer Diana Avkhadieva. In addition to Sati Casanova in the water have agreed to pose for Katherine Spitz and Ravshan Kurkova.

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“I have a photo shoot in the coloured water. Collected in this project that I love with all my heart is water color and the number seven. Wishing to be in the colored water to the seven rainbow colors – welcome!” explained Avkhadieva.

Recall that in 2017, Sati Casanova legalized relationship with Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. Lovers has unveiled his novel last summer. Signing in Moscow, the couple went to celebrate in North Ossetia, and then home, Tiozzo.

In recognition of Casanova, she was won over by the talent and Outlook Stefano. “When I looked his photos, had chills. Then I fell in love with him as a man. And I realized how wide is it their Outlook on life. I was cramped and stuffy with others due to all sorts of restrictions. I was limiting myself, and met the same”, – said the artist “StarHit”. Sati Casanova: “my husband and I tied the mystical signs”