Сати Казанова увезла жениха в горы The singer went on a romantic trip with her lover, Stefano Tiozzo. Sati Casanova and her partner decided to stay in one of the villages in North Ossetia. Fans of the singer were delighted with the harmony that prevails in the relations in the second half.

The former soloist of group “Factory” Sati Casanova is preparing for an important event. Soon, the singer will marry her lover, the photographer Stefano Tiozzo. Until recently, the couple chose to hide their relationship from the public. However, after the elect of the singer proposed to her, the actress decided to declassify the novel. On the eve of the marriage ceremony of Sati and Stefano decided to go on a trip.

In the microblog Casanova appeared a group photo with Tiozzo made in a small mountain village in North Ossetia, Fiagdon. The lovers look very happy. They enjoy each other’s company and the scenic beauty of the mountains.

“Associated secretly in the sky of fate” – with these words the singer has signed a series of photos.

Social media users were delighted with the stunning scenery. Many also found that Sati and Stefano look great together. According to fans of the artist, they Tiozzo perfect for each other. “Be happy and healthy”, “awesome”, “Incredible. Ease of unconditional and unending feelings for each other,” “This is an amazing place. Special. Was there this summer”, “Cute”, “Already breathtaking”, “Mesmerizing”, “We are so happy for you, know how long you waited for”, “Value every second spent together,” discussed the followers of the performer.

One of the fans Casanova wrote that he was worried about her. “I am so happy! As a mom whose daughter just got married,” shared a woman. In response, Sati Casanova told that her mother was so happy that I didn’t sleep the whole night. Fatima Ismailovna endorses the choice of his daughter and wishes her many years of living together with a man.

Earlier Sati Kazanova wrote to fans that chooses the engagement ring. The artist decided to turn to familiar designer Darya, which offered love fine jewelry products with precious stones. “I heartily congratulate you that you found each other! More gentle and considerate to each other couples I haven’t seen in a long time…” – a message she left to the bride and groom.

The groom’s parents brought Sati Casanova to tears

Recall that for the first time about the chosen one Sati Casanova became known in early August. Then the ex-” “star factory “participant” notice at the registry office with a striking brunette. Later it turned out that the singer is Dating an Italian photographer and plans to legalize the relationship with him.