Sati Kazanova spoke again about marriage

Сати Казанова вновь заговорила о замужестве Popular singer is still in the status of an enviable bride. This summer discussed the information about the scheduled for 2017 wedding with Alexander Shenkman, President of “Rosvodokanal”, speculation, and the novel star with a yoga instructor. In any case, one thing is clear – the former participant of group “Factory” is not married yet.

      Now Casanova resides in Bali where he had arrived a week ago. During this time the singer has pleased fans with lots of photos from the island. Sati does not get tired to admire the scenery of this Paradise, as well as folk traditions of the Balinese people and the local peculiarities of life, which meets during the holidays.

      But the special affection caused from followers celebrity post published photos Casanova, behind which, on the very shore of the sea, are the bride and groom. Satie signed his eloquent hastahane #sugasuga, #svadebnaya and perhaps the most expressive – #isamuelii.

      “You will marry! So beautiful and talented! Just your man else Matures for you!”, – wrote one of podeschi singer.

      In the comments to the post immediately showered with offers of marriage from loving members of the opposite sex: “marry me”, “If I somehow like it, just let me know and I will come for you. I give my word as a man”, “it’s time! True happiness women it is family, a caring husband and little beetles!”. And the most observant followers noticed in the photo rather ironic expression Casanova, which concluded that celebrity just a good sense of humor, and the question of her marriage is concerned not so much.

      Judging by the pictures in the microblog, Casanova feels on vacation and exploring the island. She visits museums, galleries, art spaces, art schools, not forgetting the beautiful sandy beaches, exotic parks and, of course, a Spa hotels where you can relax and enjoy the magic atmosphere of Indonesia.

      About Sati came to the island alone or in the company of men, is unknown. The singer rarely talks about her personal life, preferring not to disclose the details of his novels. After Casanova has denied the information about a relationship with a young yoga instructor Eugene Trufanov, no new details about the state of Affairs in the life of the former “fabrikantki” is not received. Earlier in the press speculation about her upcoming wedding with 55-year-old businessman Alexander Shenkman, but no evidence of this Casanova is not given.

      In one of the rare comments about his personal life, the star once openly said that he prefers to establish relationships only with strong men. However, she suggested that such representatives of the stronger sex are looking for a gentle and docile women means it is not.

      “I began to play a soft, submissive woman desires her man are in the first place. So, it was three years, the fake, the false existence is detrimental to my being and nature. But on the other hand, this invaluable experience. If it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t know that you will not be able to live in such framework. And here God taught me a powerful, but painful lesson,” said Casanova, remembering some of his past relationships.