Sati Kazanova shared details of a wedding soon

Сати Казанова поделилась подробностями скорой свадьбы
After a few weeks popular singer Sati Kazanova married and her husband, Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo.

Сати Казанова поделилась подробностями скорой свадьбы

Lovers have decided to prepare for the wedding, deciding not to hire the Agency organization of holidays.

“We will have three weddings – shared Casanova, check in to a narrow circle of friends, a family meal in the Caucasus, in compliance with the traditions and great Italian celebration at the home of the groom. Stefano will meet my relatives.

With mom and dad, he already talked in person, and via Skype – really liked them. Especially for them is teaching Russian – reading, translating with dictionary. We are waiting for his family from Italy. Show them lezginka, treat the local cuisine, all the action will take place in the mountains to see the beauty of the mountain Elbrus, Ossetia”.

Sati told that she will have four wedding dresses that she sews known in the Caucasus, the master of Madina Saralp.

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