Сати Казанова поправилась после поездки к итальянской бабушке мужа
The singer was delighted with the local customs.

Sati Casanova husband and Stefano’s wedding day

Photo: Instagram

Sati Kazanova, who is always very respectful
belonged to family tradition, he visited his Italian grandmother
husband Stefano. The singer admitted to attend the feast of the abdomen,
organized on such a scale, it is not necessary.

“The Italians are amazing! Warm, traditional
foundations, emotional, and openly loving each other,

says Sati. Yesterday was visiting my grandmother
my husband Stefano. Her 95 years, our sweet Nonna! How we were fed!.. Traditionally, local meal
starts with pasta.
For me the carefully prepared gluten-free pasta made from buckwheat flour. After
served second course: roast potatoes with soy meat with aromatic spices, peas
chickpeas in an incredibly delicious sauce, several types of bread. When it came to
sweet, I almost went crazy! Each region of Italy has its own traditions and
the differences in everything, even in the kitchen.

Here the Florentines, which we are now prepared traditionally sweet
bread panfora — with a huge number of nuts, candied fruits, the “right” of flour, without
yeasts’. He had long baked in the oven and
liberally coated in sugar. Get a very sturdy bread, it’s hard
even to cut, but what it is delicious, deep fried crispy
Golden brown almonds!

Kill me one more traditional sweets — struffoli. They are one to one
similar to our Kabardian lakomy. Only we lakomy bake a little more
size, and we also fry them in boiling oil. They are the same lush we only
we eat them hot. While in Italy, waiting for them to cool and crunch, and then
sprinkle either powdered sugar or pour honey. Yesterday we were served both

I like that you always sit down at the table together. A common meal for
the Italians — is sacred. They can a long time to sit at the big table,
chat and heat exchange conversations. Completes the ritual aromatic espresso. According to the Italians, the Cup
brewed coffee helps digestion. It’s hard not to get better. All very