Sati Kazanova promotes younger sister in show business

Сати Казанова продвигает младшую сестру в шоу-бизнесе Mariana takes the example of the famous pop singer. Sati Casanova said in his microblog that her cousin released the single “Wrist”, which has already got on the local radio station of Nalchik.

      Сати Казанова продвигает младшую сестру в шоу-бизнесе

      The sister of the singer sati Casanova, Mariana takes a cue from the stars. The girl working the leading of festivals and other events, as well as taking the first steps in the conquest of the musical Olympus. Recently, she released her first single, “Wrist”, and on Monday’s premiere of the song took place on a local radio station of Nalchik.

      A few days ago, Mariana has performed at a charity concert in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. The girl got a lot of impressions from the event as previously it did not go on the Green theatre stage as a singer. “I basically was on the other side of the concert, the organizers and managers of artists. Probably because I feel all artists with special awe, love and respect. My every appearance on the stage an exceptionally powerful desire to overcome oneself. Every time I think “I can Not, will not stand, will not work”, and every time I surprised myself,” he told the budding star in his microblog.

      Unlike its popular sister Sati Casanova, Mariana prefers to be creative in his hometown and not in a hurry to conquer the capital. According to the girl, it was the famous cousin inspired her education at the Academy of music and following a career in show business.

      “My aspirations and goals laid largely thanks to Sati Kazanova. Thanks to her I became interested in music, singing, producing. On her advice, I enrolled in the Academy of music Gnesin, finished production Department, management of organization in the field of show business. With its help and support, I began to believe in what you can afford to be myself and that I am beautiful for who I am. She taught me how to think, what is the depth of the soul, awareness, honesty, acceptance and forgiveness. And if there is on earth one man who takes everything in me is Sati. I love you sister” – a post of gratitude to Mariana some time ago.

      The ex-soloist of group “Factory” proud of the successes of his sister and wants her to achieve all his plans, and create a new composition and create. But the track relative Sati “Wrist” caused controversy in social networks: some users have criticized the song girls, and others left very laudatory comments after listening to something new.

      Earlier, 26-year-old Mariana for many years danced in the ensemble of folk dances, produced various projects, and also worked as a Director of Sati. By the way, herself a graduate of “factory of stars” has recently pleased his fans with a Remix of the song “Happiness is.” According to fans of Casanova, the new version even surpassed the original track.

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