Sati Kazanova much forbids her 24-year-old sister

Сати Казанова многое запрещает своей 24-летней сестре
Fans of the popular singer sati Casanova, know that she is very attached to his family.

Сати Казанова многое запрещает своей 24-летней сестре

Recently on a visit to Sati came to her younger sister Madina, which for 24 years. But the singer, as the older sister continues to worry about and control.

Сати Казанова многое запрещает своей 24-летней сестре

“Interesting yesterday came the realization… the little sister being at my house, asked to go on a date… the kaleidoscope of feelings swept me from jealousy to anger, from tenderness to repentance, for anger and jealousy, respectively. But she is an adult, 24 years. I have something in the years I lived in Moscow one and “held a festival” so that it is terrible to remember …

And don’t call in sick I have no one – the parents were away, I just don’t tell everything… And now the question is, what have the right to condemn or deny a sister? But I want to. She’s the youngest, like, it’s still early; it is not necessary to make mistakes, let them learn from my… wonder what’ll happen to me when will your children and when they grow up, become time to let them go? Perhaps then I will understand clearly what it was like for my parents at that time you release me,” said Casanova.

Recall that recently, Sati was married to her beloved Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo.

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