Сати Казанова лишилась заработка из-за судебных разбирательств

33-year-old ex-soloist of “Factory” Sati Casanova due to Scam lost profit in the amount of at least $ 5 million.

The cause of these losses was the trial, which lasts for several months.

Sati decided to sue the online clothing store that illegally used her photos. This was done for promotional purposes. Here only the Casanova on the use of imagery did not ask for the same money is not offered.

Sati vote for justice, because it intends to restore his good name and to punish violators. Now, while the proceedings were still in production, Casanova has no right to participate in any other projects, which during this time has suggested a few. As a result, Casanova, lost income, according to conservative estimates, $ 5 million.

“We have this summer planned four major promotional project, including foreign advertisers. Two of them — known cosmetic brands, other chain stores with faux fur and accessories. But since Sati is now suing scams, fraudulently took possession of her photos and used them in their advertising clothes, she is not allowed to participate in any promotional filming before the end of the trial. For example, now we had to be in a photo shoot for the new fall collection of popular clothing brand, but forced to refuse. Of course, we lose money. On these projects, Sati could earn more than five million rubles”, — said the representative of the singer.

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