Sati Kazanova gets married to a foreigner

Сати Казанова выходит замуж за иностранца The singer has officially confirmed the imminent marriage. Previously, the star tried not to advertise personal privacy and hiding an affair with a new lover. Fans congratulate Sati and her lover.

Sati Kazanova is considered to be one of the most popular singers on the Russian scene. Despite the attention, she has managed to hide a new romance. It has now turned out that the relationship of the artist with the Italian Stefano Tiozzo came to a completely different level. Very soon the lovers will legitimize relationships.

“Yes, it’s true, I’m going to marry” – said Sati in a recent interview.

About the chosen one, the singer is known not so much. Stefano Tiozzo engaged in photography. His works are very popular. The young man specializiruetsya on shooting the natural landscape.

While not reported, how and where Sati met her future husband. However, she hinted that their with Stefano love story reminiscent of a fairy tale.

Recall that in early August, Casanova appeared in the wedding Palace No. 4, accompanied by an attractive brunette. Fans immediately came to the conclusion that the star is preparing for her wedding with a foreigner, because in the registry office of Moscow register marriages of Russians with the citizens of other States.

Sati Casanova caught in a registry office with a stranger

Now it is clear that Satie called for the wedding Palace, accompanied by Stefano. Now the couple is busy preparing for the ceremony. However, the exact date of celebration is not yet known. It is likely that the festival will be held in Italy or the home of the artist in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Fans rushed to congratulate Casanova with such a joyous event. “I wish you infinite happiness”, “Finally Sati try on bridesmaid dress. I think the celebration will be modest and fabulous”, “Very happy for you. The groom is really handsome,” – commented news fans the stars.

Earlier, the actress was thought to have an affair with businessman Alexander Shenkman. Some fans were even sure that Sati marries longtime friend get married, but the star was quick to dispel the rumors. She openly said that a businessman it is associated only friendly relations.

By the way, despite the hype around her personal life, Sati Casanova tries to avoid the topic of relationships. In her Instagram appear mostly photos of working moments, and in an interview she agrees to speak only about the work. However, her statement to Hello magazine made fans look forward to the upcoming wedding.