Сати Казанова подогрела слухи о своей беременности
Fans of the singer are wondering, the star is pregnant or not.

Photo: Instagram

Immediately after the wedding, Sati Casanova, which took place last fall, the singer is constantly suspected pregnancy. First, the media claimed that the star has already been married in a “position”, then she got pregnant almost the first wedding night. Earlier this year rumors still began to resemble the truth: the singer has recorded a heartfelt song called “Mama” and began to go in “light” dresses complex cut, which can easily hide the “pregnant” belly.

Any comments on the possibility of replenishment in the family of Sati is not given. However, it continues to intrigue fans. The other day during one of his speeches Casanova appeared on stage in a tight dress that hid her growing tummy. And then she herself posted a photo on her personal blog.

Of course, here on the singer “fell” congratulations on expecting a baby. Fans want Sati’s health and a easy birth. But some noted that not all “fresh” photos that belly generally is! Moreover, it is logical that hiding the pregnancy, the star never will myself to publish “compromising” pictures of her in social networks.

So the question of pregnancy Casanova at the moment, remains open. Recently, the network appeared the video of the performance of Sati, which has already quite an impressive tummy. The singer’s husband, photographer Stefano Tiozzo also makes no comment to the press.