Сати Казанова вынуждена перенести свадьбу The actress becomes the wife of Alexander Schenkman only in 2017. Sati Casanova has launched a new project, which now puts maximum effort, so now it is not up to wedding hassle. However, the triumph of the stars have left to chance.

      Сати Казанова вынуждена перенести свадьбу

      Last fall the singer said Yes to a marriage proposal that she made Alexander Shenkman, President of Rosvodokanal. The wedding was planned for this year, but Sati had to postpone the celebration.

      “It will take place in 2017, of course, in the spring or summer, told the “StarHit” Anastasia silk, friend of the couple. Just when Sateska gets the idea, can’t stop it. She recently came up with a new project for their charity Fund “Culture and life” – will carry artists in their hometowns to organize the concert, and the money collected from the sale of tickets, the transfer to the local orphanage. In September that flies to Nalchik with Dima Bilan. So now it’s all in this project, her wedding to plan”.

      Alexander supported the decision of Sati, the most important thing for him is her happiness.

      “The celebration is already thought out: everything will be the way the bride wants,” continues Anastasia. – And she was raised in a strict Caucasian family, so the wedding will be traditional. Plan to celebrate at least three days: in Moscow and in his native Nalchik.
      Сати Казанова вынуждена перенести свадьбу

      Guests invited about 250 people. The main colors of the celebration will be white and gold, the tablecloths and napkins will embroider the first letters of the names of the bride and groom. Treats will be in the best Caucasian traditions: in the heart of the menu – meat on the table, served kebabs, Lula kebabs. And cook special meals for vegetarians – baked sweet potato, steak, tofu, quinoa, green buckwheat.

      “For the guests and the newlyweds sing Dima Bilan, Denis Klyaver, the “Factory”… the First dance as accepted, young will perform under national music, – tells silk. Despite the magnitude of the celebration, dress, Casanova wants a modest, classic white, decorate it will be embroidered with silver thread.

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