Sati Kazanova brought the sisters to tears

Сати Казанова доводила сестер до слез Girls suffered from her parenting methods. Sati Kazanova – the eldest in the family. She looked after them when the parents went to work. Now relatives of the actress thank her for caring.
Сати Казанова доводила сестер до слез

Singer Sati Casanova became popular because of the well-known project “Factory of stars”. The girl went to the casting of the first season of the musical reality show. She managed to reach the final. Along with the “Factory” she took second place.

The current-show “Let speak” devoted to the issue of Sati Kazanova. In the Studio there was a spouse of the singer and her parents – Setgaly and Fatima Casanova. Presenter Dmitry Borisov recalled that “the factory owners” were allowed to talk to family just a minute. According to the mother of the actress, she always advised Satie to behave modestly. The artist has three younger sisters – as a child she was looking after them and kept them in tight rein. Parents assumed that their daughter is so used to control everything..

“God forbid something not on her, they were crying in different corners,” recalled dad artist.

The singer admitted that often the purpose of educating the girls sit in different chairs that they behave well. Madina and Mariana came to the Studio to talk about her sister. They did not deny that Sati was very strict towards them.

“I wanted to walk, she wouldn’t let me, said, “While not finishing, not going anywhere”. I sat and cried, but finished,” – said Madina, who is the youngest and sisters Casanova.
Сати Казанова доводила сестер до слез

Mariana admits that Sati had taught her discipline. It largely took the example of the singer. She admitted that over time she has only good points, but she remembered some conflict situations.

“She was punished when I get dirty, I get dirty! I understand that she washed. It now has a machine where you can all download it, and then she washed manually,” – said Mariana.
Сати Казанова доводила сестер до слез

The family Casanova revealed one more detail – it turned out, Sati is not the only one who connects life with Italy. Another sister, Svetlana, with her husband and children moved to a Sunny country, and Madina is studying there. Not so long ago, Casanova was married to Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. About his marriage, the singer was first told to “StarHit”. Sati Casanova: “my husband and I tied the mystical signs”