Sati Kazanova admitted in star disease

Сати Казанова призналась в звездной болезни
The singer openly spoke about its popularity.

Photo: Instagram

Sati Kazanova, so meek and docile at first glance, admitted that the disease does not spared her. Although it was long ago, when she sang in the group “Factory” and was at the peak of its popularity.

“I remember 15 years ago, shortly after the bombing of the very first “American idol” (and after them there were many…), I found the syndromes of “stars” and “crown” in the acute form,.. — sigh singer. — Drivers my, poor, hardship from me, the Maid also got it, and many of my colleagues, I strained (EDM Toneva and Sasha Savelyev mean). I’m now not a gift, but, believe me, goraaaaazdo better than ever! In the threat of “star” time to put me in my place could only sisters and parents. And thanks to them for that! So that is why I had “to get married do not take” that!” “(Laughs).

Really, how much would novels neither attributed to Oriental beauty, for the first time Sati was married only on the day of his 35th birthday. The chosen singer became the Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. The wedding was celebrated four times! The two most high-profile celebration proslim the beginning of the month of Kavkazi a month later — in Italy.

This wedding marathon was very tired husband Sati. He shared his impressions of the celebration of the marriage, confessing that the last Banquet left him mixed feelings.

“Four weddings in two months — on the one hand just fine, and on the other to be honest, very traumatic. In connection in the festivities I learned a lot about relationships within the family. For example, what is “extreme relativism” jokes Stefano. — Soon I will share with you the emotions associated with these events in my life. In Ancient Greece there was the word, giving a precise definition of all this: “deynos”. It means “beautiful” or “horrible” depending on the context. Four weddings was horrible and at the same time brought an immense amount of joy. Period beautiful and terrible, “deynos” one word!”