Sati Kazanova admitted in a shameful act

Сати Казанова призналась в постыдном поступке Popular singer spoke about indecency, for which she been criticized. Sati Kazanova was not ashamed to tell the fans that behaved incorrectly. But after a time she had a chance to rectify the situation.

      Popular singer Sati Casanova has proven itself to the fans friendly and well-mannered girl who does not allow himself harsh language and serious conflicts. However, the actress admitted that once she gave vent to the negative emotions that spilled on an innocent person.

      “Once in the airport “Domodedovo” I obscenely insulted a customs officer when performing official duties. It was awful. I flew with a lot of Luggage after the global shopping in Europe. Then I had to go to the concert time. And at customs they ask me, “What’s in the bag? What amount to buy?” I call a number that requires mandatory Declaration… And what happened! Whether from nerves, or from fatigue, or from the fact that I was late for work, I suffered the unfortunate customs officer with a string of obscenities! The concept of mindfulness, emotional restraint, composure was absent in me then at all. I seriously fined, taken to the police station. It was embarrassing and humiliating…” – recalled the artist.

      After realizing what happened, Casanova for a long time reproached himself for improper conduct. The girl was hurt that she was insulted by an intelligent person. But fate gave her the opportunity to remedy the situation.

      “After six months or a year I met him again at the airport – and cried! Apologized, of course. I have hot blood, I’m from the Caucasus, and even the woman – emotional, artistic… But I can’t excuse,” the penitent Sati.

      The singer admitted that after she became quite famous personality, she started “star disease”. Casanova grateful that there were people who could bring her back to earth and stopped her attempts to put yourself above the rest.

      “Had seizures as a star – I swerved not childish for several years, – says the actress in an interview with PeopleTalk. – Good number were people of that time put in place. It was mostly my family. Sister Light I specifically said, “Hey! You, star! The crown!” Been sober for some time. Thank her for it.”