Sati Kazanova admitted affair with a married billionaire

Сати Казанова призналась в романе с женатым миллиардером The singer was the mistress of an influential person. Sati Casanova not deny that he received expensive gifts from a fan. Despite the feelings for him, the actress decided to break up.
Сати Казанова призналась в романе с женатым миллиардером

Nine months ago Sati Kazanova married a charming photographer Stefano Tiozzo. It is quite a long time concealed his affair, and before fans knew almost nothing about the personal life of the singer.

This Saturday, June 16 Sati will be guest of the program “the Secret to a million.” Communicating with Leroy Kudryavtseva, the actress has revealed many secrets, including those relating to and lengthy affair with a married man. According to Casanova, the relationship was one of the most painful and vivid in her life.

“I loved him so much, was so in awe of him that he had not even found the strength to throw a tantrum. With him I was like a delicate flower, surrounded by care and attention. Although he was not free, always, and now married,” shared Casanova.

According to the artist, the billionaire not only surrounded her but did the girl just gorgeous gifts. So, in the program “the Secret of the million,” Alexander mentioned that the penthouse in the elite district of Moscow in which it still lives, was a gift from this fan.

Apparently, the gap went the artist benefit, because after breaking up with wealthy lover, she was able to get the long-awaited personal happiness.

Sati had previously admitted he fell in love with her husband when she saw pictures of him. After a few months Casanova and Tiozzo staged several gorgeous weddings.

Recently the singer posted in the social network the controversial post, which reported about the betrayal of a loved one. Fans immediately assumed that we are talking about Stefano. However, Sati was quick to refute this information in Instagram.

The beloved actress will also appear in the Studio of “the Secret to a million.” The man not only recognized the soul mate in love, but will lift the veil of secrecy over their plans for the future. As it turned out, the couple dream soon to become parents.

“I really want a daughter,” said Stefano.

For the sake of the beloved Casanova even changed her last name. Now officially her name is Sati Tiozzo. The girl admits that they with a lover often have to cope with the separation, the Vedas Stefano photographed around the world, and the artist most often works in Russia. However, this did not prevent them to enjoy family life.

Fans believe that next to the Italian Sati was finally truly happy.

With Leroy Kudryavtseva star also remembers a childhood spent in a Kabardian village, and dissipated life in Moscow, when the success went to her head. Sati confesses that some party was an important part of her everyday life, but one such sport activities nearly cost the singer’s life.