Sati Casanova told about the recent wedding

Сати Казанова поведала о недавно прошедшей свадьбе
Last week, the famous singer and former member of the group “Factory” Sati Casanova combined knot with her lover, an Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo.

Сати Казанова поведала о недавно прошедшей свадьбе

Young people got married in the capital, and then went to celebrate in a loud wedding party in the home of the bride.

“Two slices of toast touched me, I cried. First, from her husband’s brother – Chris. And in the end my dad said. Cried all. I realize how difficult it was given to loved ones the fact that I was marrying a person of another culture. The father uttered a deep idea that we are all in God, and that It will be Union of two souls or not.

Now I belong to my Italian family and their customs, traditions and laws for me need to be the same family, and unquestioned, as the traditions of the Circassian people”, says Casanova.

According to Sati, beloved for her sake began to study the Russian language, and yet they communicate in English.

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