Сати Казанова рассказала об обидных нюансах жизни с фотографом
Family life of the singer turns into a joke.

Photo: Instagram

Sati Kazanova married to Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo last fall. The event was disguised to such an extent that even the guests invited to the first ceremony, be sure that you are going just for the day of birth of the artist. Then Sati and Stefano arranged for two gorgeous weddings, one in Kabardino-Balkaria, according to the national traditions of the people of Casanova, the second — at home, Tiozzo in Italy.

Soon the couple will celebrate gingham wedding, and while trying to establish a common life. And it is not easy, given that they live mainly accounted for separately. Sati lives in Moscow, but often goes on tour. Stefano very often go on expeditions for photography and some time he have to spend in Italy. The husband and wife used every opportunity to be together, so sometimes they come to each other in different places of the Earth. For example, now Sati’s left for some time to live in Bali to teach yoga. The first week of Tiozzo spent with his wife, and then went about his business.

“The husband is the photographer — well this is the dream of every woman, especially Actresses! — shared Casanova with fans. But here’s the thing… Stefano is a photographer for part of the landscape (in translation from English. “landscape”) , and not fashion/beauty (“fashion/beauty”), as we would like. We have a family joke: wife is standing in the background of a waterfall and looked at her husband-photographer… He looks with admiration at her and exclaims: “What a beauty! Get away, darling, let me take this beautiful waterfall!”

Many girls would find this attitude offensive, but not Casanova. On the contrary, she is very glad her husband has a case that completely captivates him.

“To be honest, I’m happy that STE so much loves nature and sees her true beauty and appreciates it! — says the singer. — I would be quickly bored with the nerd-photographer-husband, always wants to capture the wife-artist. And then my beauty will fade with time, and the beauty of Nature forever! I admire the man, able to distinguish the eternal from the temporal!”