Sati Casanova stole personal driver

Сати Казанову обокрал личный водитель
The singer wrote a statement to the police on their employee.

Photo: Instagram

Another star has suffered from dishonest staff. Sati Kazanova lost considerable sums of money from his own driver. As it turned out, from November 2016 to may of this year the employee of the singer received the money on their verbal agreement was obliged to spend utility payments for the apartment in which lives the star. But instead took the money. Maintenance of real estate near the Mosfilm is a lot for half a year managed to accumulate a whopping 247 thousand rubles.

It is in this amount assessed your damage, Sati Casanova, contacting an official statement to the police. Evidence of fraud is the fact that the singer has transferred funds to a personal Bank card your driver. He also admitted the offense, so a criminal case was initiated article 159 “fraud”. The measure currently is under house arrest.

Fans are very worried about the singer, because she recently was going through a lot. In late may, she wrote a sad post about the betrayal of a loved one. She did not name a specific person responsible for her feelings. However, fans do not exclude that Sati is going through a quarrel with her husband, photographer Stefano Tiozzo.

“Probably the most painful of trials. The earth leaves from under feet, the feeling of such helplessness, confusion… In this moment there is no ability to enter the skin of those who betrayed him: he was guided that he was forced into such an act… — says Sati in a personal blog. — The pain and rage drowned out everything else.

One would assume that Casanova learned of the theft of the money, but she said on her personal blog that the betrayal came from a very loving person, whom could hardly be her personal driver.

Soon Sati went to Bali, where he will rest and work at the same time. She will teach yoga, the star dreamed of in recent years.