Sati Casanova has married an Italian

Сати Казанова вышла замуж за итальянца The singer staged a wedding in traditional style in the Caucasus. Sati Casanova performed the national dance and introduced her husband with the customs of his people. Fans rushed to congratulate the girl on such a significant event.
Сати Казанова вышла замуж за итальянца

Sati Casanova and Stefano Tiozzo officially became husband and wife. The singer warned fans that he does not want to publicize such a significant event and, therefore, will make the ceremony a secret. However, “Instagram” leaked a few videos from the festival, held recently in the Caucasus.

Details about the wedding, sati Casanova, can be obtained from the new issue of the magazine “StarHit”, which will go on sale October 16.

The artist really respects the traditions of his people, so we decided to arrange a holiday in a small country. At the festival, she appeared in a white wedding dress with gold embroidery at the hem. Happy bride complements the national headdress.

The groom also tried on the traditional Kabardinian suit. Sati has repeatedly stressed that Stefano respectful of national customs lady, so ready to follow them both during the wedding ceremony and in everyday life.

The singer prefers not to comment on the changes in her personal life. However, recently the actress posted a photo with the husband and his relatives.

“This is my new family. To gain a new brother and sister — a very great happiness”, – said the singer.

Fans congratulated Sati with such an important event and were quick to wish her well-being. “Be happy and quickly pick up the kids”, “She’s just lit from within, so in love. Very glad to see a favorite singer so”, “Very beautiful couple, I wish you endless prosperity and understanding,” wrote the fans of the actress.

By the way, Casanova followers on Instagram believe that one holiday is not limited. Most likely, the happy couple will definitely organize a second celebration, but this time the home of the groom.

On the wedding ceremony in the Caucasus was attended by mostly friends and extended family of lovers. Sati specially picked for the bridesmaids the same maroon costumes with the national colors. The whole holiday was designed in a traditional Kabardian style.

Despite the change in marital status, Casanova is not going to suspend concert activity. Until the end of the year the artist will have several performances. However, fans believe that Sati will be a time not only for work but also for a honeymoon.