Сати Казанова объяснила, почему скрывает взрослого жениха The singer tells about his lover in social networks and shows pictures with him. According to Sati Casanova, her personal life is the temple, where she does not want to let outsiders.

      Ex-participant of group “Factory” Sati Casanova is the first to marry. The chosen singer became the 55-year-old Alexander Shenkman, President of Rosvodokanal. The star prefers not to disclose the details of the relationship with the beloved and also not showing in social networks pictures of a man.

      Sati Kazanova forced to postpone the wedding

      For a long time Sati could not find anyone who will understand it all and become her support. Her two serious affair ended in tears. When the star was able to meet the perfect man, she decided not to advertise the relationship.

      “My personal life is my temple I keep away from third party eyes. To the choice of men, as a future mother, wife, homemaker, are squeamish. Before this relationship did not exist for a number of reasons, but what can I say – it was what it was. Don’t like looking back, I prefer to look forward!”, – admitted the star.

      Casanova noted that the previous relationships with men had taught her a lot. The singer believes that we should always listen to what they say intuition, mind and heart, and only then to draw conclusions about whether to continue to be together with a particular person. “True lovers are mirroring each other. And the gap means that they no longer mirror each other and their time is exhausted. But the time spent together has a different effect on everyone: someone has moved forward, grown up, and someone was left behind or continues to stagnate. Everything is always individual,” – said Sati.

      According to singer, a loving relationship is always built on mutual understanding and support. To all the people who have been searching for my love, fate still gives the person with whom they find happiness. Casanova admits that it will not tolerate infidelity on the part of the elect. “I’m not used to being second fiddle to the man: either I’m the Queen of his heart, or a man deprived of the title of my cavalier,” said the singer in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

      Recall that on the novel, sati Casanova, Alexander Shenkman spoke at the end of 2015, after the singer too much time to the businessman during the celebration of his birthday. “I’ll leave without comment. It was on my birthday” – this phrase Sati deprived journalists hope to find out what exactly her relationship with Shenkman.

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