Сати Казанова и ее муж-итальянец переехали на Бали
The singer found work in Indonesia.

Сати Казанова и ее муж-итальянец переехали на Бали

Sati Kazanova

Sati Casanova and her husband, Stefano Tiozzo moved to live in Bali. True, not forever, just for a little while, the singer will be there in the next month to teach yoga. It was her lifelong dream — to teach people spiritual practices and postures.

“Dream come true! — told Sati a few weeks ago. — I’m going to Bali as a teacher of yoga and not just relax. The program will be incredible, it is all for self-knowledge: a yoga for the body, and meditation techniques, sound therapy, monterpene… All this we are preparing a great team and with great love. Of course, there will be tours of Paradise and the most mysterious island, which just changes people.”

Then fans began to worry: what will happen in this case with family life Casanova? Because they with Stefano and so are seen very rarely — then Sati went on tour, he flies in the expedition. Tiozzo, is a sought — after photographer, he often goes to interesting nature in different parts of the world, where rents beautiful scenery.

But this time fans can sleep peacefully: Sati and Stefano went to Bali together. Apparently, Tiozzo decided that in Indonesia and, in particular, on the island of education has enough beautiful places and people.

And in his spare time, the couple can enjoy a heavenly Balinese nature, the ocean and each other. By the way, after the honeymoon the couple spent in the Maldives, many suspected that Casanova is expecting a child. But the information was not confirmed. Fans of star families wish they brought the baby in Bali.

Photo: Instagram