Спутник Светланы Ходченковой устроил ей эротическую фотосессию In the midst of the Moscow heat, the actress left to have a rest on coast of the river Volga. In the photo, which she shared on social networks, you can see what amazing shape is the star. Fans Khodchenkova called her the “Queen of beauty”. Many of them had also intrigued by the mysterious man, who is in the Tver region, together with the artist.

      Escape the heat with 33-year-old actress Svetlana Khodchenkova away from Moscow. The weekend the actress decided to spend in the city Konakovo, located on the banks of the Volga river. There Khodchenkova love swimming and sunbathing. The young woman also decided to please its fans and posted on Instagram a stylish black-and-white photograph of her posing in a bikini. Spice shot is the fact that the straps of the upper part of the swimsuit beauties down and relieves her of a mysterious stranger, whose face remained behind the scenes.

      Fans of the actress were left in awe of its publication, and acknowledged that the woman is in great shape. “Beauty Queen”, “Excellent”, “Awesome”, “You are great!” “Very sexy, one of my favorite women,” they wrote admiring comments to the post star.

      Many followers of the actress were also interested in the identity of the mysterious man who acted as her photographer. Fans of Svetlana wondered: is it her new hobby? Indeed, in the beginning of this year Khodchenkova broke up with businessman George by Patriliny, who met for several years. Beloved Svetlana had even proposed to her (and very original), but the celebrity wedding never took place. Since then, the artist keeps personal life secret.

      By the way, just a couple of weeks ago, Svetlana had a rest in Spain, where she went after he married his girlfriend Julia Topol’nitskiy. The star of the clip about louboutins married a resident of Comedy Club Igor Chekhov. The ceremony took place in St. Petersburg had been invited colleagues, friends and relatives of the newlyweds.

      Wedding star clip “louboutins”:

      Recall also that at the moment Khodchenkova starred in a new movie his friend Roman Volobueva, former editor of the magazine “Afisha”. But Svetlana, now called “Blockbuster” will play Anna chipovskaya, Svetlana Ustinova, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Yuliya Snigir, Maria Shalaeva, Irina Rakhmanova and many other stars of Russian cinema. The film is expected in 2017.

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