Sasha’s parents Strizhenovoj protested her acting career

Родители Саши Стриженовой протестовали против ее актерской карьеры The heiress of the famous family has shared with journalists plans for the future. Sasha admitted that he has no plans to follow in the footsteps of Alexander and Catherine. The girl is going to arrive on economic faculty of one of the leading universities in Russia.
Родители Саши Стриженовой протестовали против ее актерской карьеры

This year, the daughter of Alexander and Catherine Strizhenova went to the 11th grade. Soon Sasha will receive secondary education and to enter the University. The girl says that he has already decided with your future profession. She’s going to connect his life with math. According to Sasha, she likes this subject, and school girl makes it significant successes. Strizhenova has admitted that he has no plans to follow in the footsteps of star parents and become an actress. At the time Alexander and Catherine opposed this.

“If it is possible to obtain a serious education, a solid Foundation to lose it’s just not worth it. And to waste this opportunity for the universities, I think it’s stupid, because the creative profession is still very dependent. But my parents are actually very happy. Because a couple of years ago I was told that if I choose theatrical education, it is only through a corpse of the father,” said Sasha, laughing.

According to Sasha, her maths started to like a few years ago. First the mother and father were extremely surprised by the choice of his daughter, because in their family no one had thrust it. However, the couple Stroganovyh did not try to challenge the decision of the successor. Alexander and Catherine had supported the decision of Sasha to learn in a specialized class. The girl said that her all happy – and the staff and teachers. “I loved it there,” shared Strizhenova.

Due to the fact that the successor of the famous names seriously thinks about the future, she devotes a lot of time preparing for the entrance exams to the University. Sasha is not only depth study of English, mathematics and Economics, but also solves the test job. In addition, she attends additional classes. According to Strizhenovoj, teachers of the gymnasium where she received a secondary education, trying every way to help high school students.

Sasha also shared that she is quite well enough. In recognition of the girls, she’s already chosen a particular University and the profession. Those subjects in which the graduate is going to pass the exam, she pays more attention and others less.

“Finished tenth in the fours and fives. In math I got an a, because I’m going to go to the Moscow state University on economic faculty. In depth study math. Four were in subjects such as physics, biology,” shared Sasha edition