Sasha Zvereva upset by the behavior of the father of their children

Саша Зверева огорчена поведением отца своих детей
In the family of the singer Sasha Zvereva grow three wonderful children, a daughter and two sons.

Саша Зверева огорчена поведением отца своих детей

But Zvereva has to cope with three children of one, as now she is not married.

Sasha is disappointed that the Pope her heirs and next of kin is not interested in children.

“Grandparents Vasilisa and Makara’s dad did not take part in the lives of children for many years, they forgot about them. Neither the Pope nor his parents are not interested in guys. My parents love my kids, every Saturday and Sunday we were in touch on Skype. They are interested in their life to the fullest. My dad likes to tell them what happened in the world, in Russia, in General, divided by all impressions,” complains the singer to correspondents.

It is worth noting that the star of the 90s and her children settled in Los Angeles.

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