Саша Зверева устала от бедных мужчин The actress refuses to contain representatives. Sasha Zvereva herself raising three children. She admits that now her heart is open to new relationships, however, she is very attentive to important criteria.
Саша Зверева устала от бедных мужчин

The ex-soloist of group “Demo” Sasha Zvereva now lives in the United States. The artist has three children, however, she raises them alone. The singer had a relationship with businessman Ilya Gusev. During their affair came to light Vasilisa and Makar. Despite the fact that the man called himself an entrepreneur, after leaving Sasha admitted that he not only lived it, allowed herself to raise her hand. With the father of her youngest child, DJ Dmitry Almazov, too, the relationship did not work – he didn’t want to move to the US. Sasha Zvereva revealed the truth about the parting with her husband and the father of her child

Zverev admits that she has not easy – it takes care of the children, doing business and generally tired without the man’s shoulder. Now it is open to a new relationship. However, aby to whom the artist wants to connect his life and knows what chosen wants to see her children.

“And when in my life appear of person, I’ll make sure he wasn’t another man who I need to help financially and to pull your this share. The secret to my boundless energy is simple – it is inner peace… I finally found! I have children and my ocean, and it is fortunate I do not perceive.” – said Sasha.
Саша Зверева устала от бедных мужчин

The singer and businesswoman does not spare himself for the sake of her children had everything we needed. She loved life abroad – because in Moscow, she flies quite frequently to hold their seminars. But to return to Russia does not intend, as the eldest son and daughter go to school, but because she did not consider it necessary to tear them away from the usual way. She admitted to “Source” that they are ready to spend on kids fabulous money for the sake of they looked great.

Саша Зверева устала от бедных мужчин“I like the Gucci brand and I buy their children the things of the brand, but not for the fact that they were the coolest at the party, and just because I like them. At the same time I can buy something for $ 10 and no steam for this reason. Although, of course, in the wardrobe of my kids dominated not very expensive clothes, because I have two boys and they just “kill” things and grow very quickly. But I’m not stingy, my kids have the latest phones, games consoles and even the most fashionable televisions. And I anywhere especially does not, because doing this not for show, but because I love,” says Zverev.