Саша Зверева страдает от одиночества
Ex-member of group “Demo”, a well-known blogger Sasha Zvereva for several years living in the United States and brings one of three children.

Саша Зверева страдает от одиночества

The youngest child singer was born in the summer of 2015. When the girl was expecting a baby, she broke off her relationship with the father of the unborn child.

Dmitry Diamond did not support the desire Zvereva to go abroad, remained in Moscow.

“Pregnant alone. I’m not one terrible enemy would not wish the hell that I went through. I remember that terrible feeling when your child other than yourself, anybody in this world does not need. It hurts. So much so that you break the wheel in half. Why are you screaming silently, mouth open and breathing like a fish in the net. But I didn’t say a word about the pain that would echo to respond to my wounded soul and body. Years to come. What I experienced, you know only the sheets and pillow. And once this story is going to burn me to the ground and become real. And yet… I dig it. As the bone as a relic. Deep. Not to give up,” he shared Sasha in the microblog.

During pregnancy she tried to be cheerful and conceal his true feelings.

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